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Industrial Platforms have been renewed!

As a result of the R&D and Quality Departments’ works, industrial platforms were renewed with design, material improvements and extra security additions. Also the design registration documents were received from Turkish Patent Institute for each part and the entire system. 

Renewed Models

EPIndustriel Platforms
EPCDouble Sided Industrial Platforms
EPLIndustrial Platforms with Stabilizer

Innovations in Industrial Platforms;


(The old and new doors)

Spring doors, which have passed various tests after the R&D and design processes, have been standardized in all our industrial platforms, considering occupational safety requirements. Spring doors, which make it easier to enter and exit the platform, create a safe working area thanks to their self-closing.


(The old and new rungs)

The redesigned rung system has gained a safer and more aesthetic appearance. Industrial platforms have become much more robust and safe with the aluminum casting apparatus specially designed for the connection of the steps to the carrier profiles,
Moreover, thanks to this apparatus, sharp corners on the steps are also eliminated. Thanks to the yellow stripes on the platform and the rungs, the step limit is determined when going up and down the platform, and possible accidents were prevented. 

3) FIBERED NUTS (Anti-loosening nut)

(The old and new)

(The old and the new) Fiber nuts were started to be used instead of standard nuts, which can be lost during the usage on bad grounds in a long term, and by this way possible loosening was prevented. Nuts have been closed with special plastic caps to provide a safer and more aesthetic appearance.


(The old and new wheel slots)

The spring wheel system has been redesigned to prevent unwanted substances such as dust, mud, sand. The new system, which is designed by aluminum casting material, can continue to operate cleanly even in the dirtiest conditions.

Platforms of all sizes have TÜV-SÜD EN131-7 Quality Certificate