New model! ProTUBE SOLO


New model: ProTUBE SOLO
Introducing the ProTUBE Solo, a practical new mobile tower that can be installed by one person

Usually mobile high towers are installed by two workers. With the ProTUBE Solo you can work on your own!

If you are looking for a model that is easy to install and also easy to transport, this is the model for you.

Load and Move

You can assemble the product as shown in the picture. The tour tower turns into an independent cart. Which can pass through the door and takes up less space in the warehouse when stored. Providing compact storage and easy transportation.

Installation is done by one person

Thanks to new developments, parts for installation on the upper floors are hung on a built-in mechanism inside the platform. Once you are on the platform, you can continue to install the upper floors by taking parts and modules from the platform hooks. You can set the tower to a higher height by repeating these steps.

The shortest platform size: 120cm

The ProTUBE Solo model has a platform size from the Protube series of 120 cm. This size provides an advantage for working in narrow spaces, installation, collection and transport of the product.

*Product video coming soon!

Soon we will publish our detailed video of installation and use of the ProTUBE Solo model. Don't forget to visit our website and subscribe to our Youtube channel for the latest news. Link to our Youtube channel: Youtube/cagsanmerdiven

*Update: Product video released! 

You can click the link below for detailed product information and other models.

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ProTube Solo ST440

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