Big innovation in KP series!


Big innovation in KP series!

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Our Folding Platform Ladder with code KP model, which is highly preferred by professional users due to its wide, folding platform design, has been redesigned. As a result of the work of our R&D and Quality departments, many new features were added to the product. 

With these new features, the product code has been updated as KPN.

Compact design

Old - New

Wide stabilizers, 50 cm platform and wide hand rails... How much can you fold a product with these features? Here is the result of a real work.

Instead of the non-folding railings in the old product, folding railings were designed. We decreased the height of railings from 77cm to 38cm, this change in size will provide you great convenience during transportation and storage.

New features

When you look at the product from the front, you can see that the most striking innovation is the stabilizers. However, we have also made great innovations in the railing part.

Now the railings are fully foldable and the door system has also been completely changed. Tool table was designed on the guardrail, the wheels were enlarged and the platform lock was added. 

Now let's take a closer look at these details.

It is safer now

Old - New

Cagsan Merdiven's Spring Door Model, which you know from EP models, with Design Registration Certificate, has been added instead of the upward opening door used at the entrance to the platform. Thanks to these spring doors, the entrance to the platform has become easier. Thanks to the automatic closing system at the door, the risk of forgetting it open is eliminated. It serves as a guardrail when the door is closed.

It provides a very comfortable and safe working environment thanks to the guardrails surrounding the platform on 4 sides and the 50x56 cm platform.

Extra safety: New Stabilizers

Old - New

The new stabilizers that are designed for KPN series have made the product more stable and safer. It is quite wide compared to the previous stabilizers. Moreover, it is very practical to use!

Old - New

Stabilizers are fixed to the product, and they can be opened and fixed on the product with a single move.

Thanks to its telescopic structure, it can be used comfortably on pits, elevations and steps.

Tool Tray

It has been designed for the new model in order to make the work area more comfortable and more useful. The tool tray is very large with its internal dimensions of 10x60cm. You can leave your tools such as drills and grinders on it while working.

In order to carry the product in a closed way, there is a handle part in the middle of the tool tray.

Big wheels

Old - New

Transport wheels, which aim to move the product from one place to another when the product is folded, or to change the working place when the product is open, are one of the mandatory components for large products.

The wheels produced for the KPN series are designed wider than the previous wheels. Compared to the previous product, it is more comfortable to move the product on rough surfaces.

Lockable Platform

The newly designed lock prevents the ladder from folding. The locking system prevents the product from being folded when its position is changed while it is open.

Straps have been added so that the ladder can also be locked in the folded position. In this way, transportation and storage have become safe.

Inherited strenght

Old - New

The KPN series, which carries the KP genes with its profile structure and step width, has the quality of Cagsan and the durability features of the KP series.

It provides comfortable usage with its 10 cm step depth and non-slip patterned step surface.

The platform, which is made of 50x56cm steel sheet, has a non-slip feature in rainy weather and dirty conditions.

The model, which stands out with its quality and many features, is safely preferred in many areas. Thanks to its additional safety measures and compliance with EN131 norms, it can be used in accordance with occupational health and safety rules.

Visit the product page to review the product sizes, technical dimensions and get detailed information about the KPN model:
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