UltraTUBE Aluminium Scaffolding

ULTRATUBE - The New Standard of Safety, Easy Installation, Superior Performance

The new UltraTUBE series stands out as a safe and convenient scaffolding system with its full compliance with EN 1004-1:2020 Mobile Scaffolding Standards and innovative design. UltraTUBE, with its increased wall thickness steps and carrier profiles, provides a more robust and reliable structure by offering step-to-step heights compatible with scaffolds from other manufacturers in Europe. TÜV-SÜD EN 1004-1:2020 Quality Certified, this professional scaffolding system can be easily transported anywhere thanks to its design and wheels that do not require the need to be mounted on a surface.

Composed of lightweight aluminium modules, UltraTUBE offers quick and easy installation at any height required. With the new safety railing system, you can install without the need for personal fall protection equipment. With these features, UltraTUBE both raises your work safety standards and provides ease of use.


Safe and Certified: The UltraTUBE SG series is a professional scaffolding system certified by TÜV-SÜD with the EN 1004-1:2020 Quality Certificate. This certificate emphasises the quality and reliability of the product.

Mobility: The UltraTUBE SG series has the ability to move on its wheels, therefore providing portability without the need to be assembled. This feature makes it possible to make quick and easy position changes in the workplace.

Lightweight and modular construction: The UltraTUBE SG series is lightweight and modular, allowing it to be easily transported to the desired location and quickly installed at the required height. The use of aluminium material ensures easy installation and makes the scaffold light and handy.

Safety railing system: Thanks to the new safety guardrail system, the UltraTUBE SG scaffolding system can be easily erected without the use of personal fall protection equipment. This increases occupational safety measures and ensures the safety of workers.

Safe, modular and durable solution: The UltraTUBE SG series offers a safe, modular and durable solution up to 13.6 metres. This can adapt to different working heights and respond to various needs in the workplace.

High payload capacity: UltraTUBE SG platforms have a load-bearing capacity of 2 kN/m2

Quick installation: With practical mounting brackets, the UltraTUBE SG series can be installed quickly. In addition, the base area can be expanded with lateral opening feet, thus providing a safer working environment.

Equipment Safety: A toeboard attached to the upstairs work platform eliminates the risk of equipment falling from the system. This helps to increase safety in the workplace.

Why does the ULTRATUBE series exist?

UltraTube is ideal for heavier usage conditions thanks to its 51x2 mm. thick frames and offers a longer lasting solution in situations with high frequency of use.

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Maximum compatibility

ULTRATUBE series fully meets the durability expectations of companies operating in the Scaffold Hire sector with its thick frames specially designed for intensive use frequency. In this way, it provides maximum compatibility and efficiency in the sector.

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Common measurement system = ease of hire

ULTRATUBE integrates easily with the existing scaffolding fleet of many rental companies, fully complying with the universal measuring system common in Europe.

This compatibility reduces the difficulties of rental companies when expanding their product fleet and speeds up their workflow.

New frame sizes

The ULTRATUBE range offers a new 90 cm wide frame in addition to the existing frame widths of 75 and 135 cm. This new option provides solutions to suit the different width demands of projects.

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Transition frames

ULTRATUBE offers more flexible use with the 'Transition Frame' feature, which allows centre, right and left transitions. These accessories provide convenience in various work areas.

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Telescopic outrigger

Thanks to telescopic outriggers, it takes up less space and easily adapts to different installation areas. These outriggers can be adjusted according to the desired dimensions.

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Teleskopik Payanda

Larger workspace

In addition to the 180 and 240 cm platform lengths that we are accustomed to from the Protube Series, wider working areas are offered with the 300 cm platform length series.

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We have removed borders

Adjustable hooks on the platform carrier profiles of ULTRATUBE create a large working area by mounting the scaffolds side by side. This structure offers flexible installation in different directions.

Special configurations

The ULTRATUBE is equipped with safety guardrail systems and additionally utilises diagonals and horizontals for added safety and flexibility. These various configurations simplify the installation process and adapt to various usage needs.

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Germany-based TÜV-SÜD assurance

This series, which is fully compliant with the latest standards of EN1004, reinforces its quality with the certificate issued by the German-based TÜV-SÜD institution. ULTRATUBE is ready to push the limits in your projects with its reliable structure and innovative features.Varlık 17

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