Portability, Safety and Functionality in One!

The ProTUBE S model is a unique scaffolding system that provides maximum flexibility and portability in the workspace. Thanks to its ability to move on wheels without being mounted on any surface, you can easily move the scaffold to the desired location and quickly organize your workspace. It can be easily installed at the required height and the height at which the platform will work can be adjusted according to your needs, giving you the freedom to plan and implement your work as you wish.

ProTUBE S scaffolding system is made of quality aluminum material. This makes the scaffolding lightweight, durable and practical. The installation process is simple and practical, thus saving time and energy while increasing your work efficiency. CAGSAN's ProTUBE S scaffolding systems provide superior performance in safety and durability, keeping the safety of your employees at the highest level.

    ProTUBE S4

    7 rung
  • ProTUBE S6

    ProTUBE S6

    14 rung
  • ProTUBE S8

    ProTUBE S8

    21 rung

    ProTUBE S10

    28 rung
ProTUBE S43,512,304,3255x73-95
ProTUBE S65,614,406,4255x73518x336133
ProTUBE S87,726,518,5255x73518x336176
ProTUBE S109,838,6210,6255x73518x336198

* Average secure height reached by the user.


(kg.)(WxLxH/mm.)ProTUBE S4ProTUBE S6ProTUBE S8ProTUBE S10
PTS223M6,5 730x2234x502468
PTS110K2,8 730x1108x502222
PT258KPN20,3 600x2576x1001122
PT275C2,3 50x2745x50481216
PT259H4,8 537x2589x502222
PT259Y2,3 50x2588x502222
PT276PA4,1 244x2762x132-444
PT200TE5,7 282x649x1254444
PTS302TM9 160x3032x431111
  (kg.) 95133176198


Fast and Modular Installation: Thanks to the practical mounting apparatus, ProTUBE S scaffolds can be installed modularly in a short time. This feature saves time while speeding up your work processes.

Wide Base Area and Safe Working Environment: The lateral opening feet on ProTUBE S scaffolds create a safer working environment by expanding the base area. It also minimizes the risk of falling and protects the safety of your employees at the highest level.

Portability and Mobility: The ability to move on its wheels without being mounted on any surface allows you to easily transport ProTUBE S scaffolding wherever you want. In this way, you gain flexibility and mobility in your work area.

Lightweight and Convenient: Since ProTUBE S scaffolds are made of aluminum material, they are lightweight and can be moved easily. Thanks to this feature, you can position the scaffolds as you wish and organize your workspace efficiently.

Adjustable Height: The ProTUBE S scaffolding system can be easily erected at the required height and the working height can be adjusted as required. This feature provides flexibility for different projects and jobs.

Reliable and high quality: The Protube S series is manufactured in accordance with EN1004 standards and guarantees reliability and quality. In this way, the scaffolding system provides the advantage of a long-lasting and safe use.

High Payload Capacity: The platforms of ProTUBE S scaffolds have a bearing capacity of 2 kN/m².



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