Portable Wide Step

While working on standard 30x30 mm rungs, fatigue and discomfort can quickly occur in the feet. Additionally, narrow rungs can make it difficult to maintain balance.

Our platform accessory with a depth of 150 mm eliminates these problems. Our wide platform allows the entire sole of your foot to rest comfortably, providing a comfortable and stable working environment.

The platform, made from aluminum chequer plate material, measures 28x15 cm.

It ensures maximum comfort and safety even during prolonged use.

The Portable Wide Step can be used with all products in the TeleSky, Toros, Quadro, Mono, Duo, Duocombi, Trio, Triocombi, Duomax, Triomax, Duorope, Plato, Doublex, and Folde series.

  • Portable Wide Step



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