ESPERON - Industrial Platforms

Step into Quality Platform Experience with ESPERON by Increasing Your Safety!

ESPERON - Industrial Platform is an industrial aluminum platform series equipped with a newly developed locking system that offers safe use. When you push the handle on the products forward, the wheels lift upwards and press safely and firmly on the product chocks.

When you want to move it, simply pull the handle towards you. In this way, the product will be able to move easily on its wheels. They are ergonomic products that increase your working efficiency in your long-term work. Robust and long-lasting.

The 110 cm high handrails and the safe, spring-loaded door that opens only inside are also important elements that ensure the comfort of safe working. Thanks to the integrated wheels, you can move the platform very comfortably and quickly in your work area. ESPERON platforms meet all the requirements of the EN131-7 standard and all sizes of platforms are TÜV-SÜD EN131-7 Quality Certified.

  • ESPERON - Industrial Platforms


    2 rung
  • EPN3


    3 rung
  • EPN4


    4 rung
  • EPN5


    5 rung
  • EPN6


    6 rung

Maximum load capacity: 150 kg


New Locking System:
Thanks to the newly developed locking system, ESPERON platforms minimize product shaking and ensure safe use. This feature provides a more stable platform experience during operation.

Safe and Stable Pressing: The handle on the products allows you to step on the product wedges safely and firmly by lifting the wheels upwards. This feature ensures the stability of the platform and the safety of the user.

Easy Movement: ESPERON platforms allow the platform to move easily on wheels by pulling the handle towards you. Users can easily move the platform wherever they want and quickly change locations in the workspace.

Ergonomic Design: ESPERON platforms, which increase working efficiency in long-term work, have an ergonomic structure. Users can work comfortably on the platform and complete their work more efficiently.

Durability and Long Life: ESPERON platforms are made of robust and durable materials. In this way, it has a long service life and provides a long-term investment in the workplace.

Safe Working Environment: 110 cm high handrails and inward opening spring doors ensure that ESPERON platforms provide safe working conditions. Users feel safe during work and can work in a comfortable environment.

Fast and Easy Transportation: Thanks to the integrated wheels, ESPERON platforms can be moved quickly and easily around the work area. Users can easily move the platform wherever they want and organize it according to their needs.

Compliance with Quality Standards: ESPERON platforms have TÜV-SÜD EN131 Quality Certification and meet all requirements of EN131-7 standards. This certificate certifies that the products comply with reliability and quality standards.



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Ladder User Manual - EN131 202305-EN131-1200 4.5MB
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ESPERON Assembly Guide 202306-I-1340 2.5MB
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