TELESAFE XLN Premium Double Part Scaffoldings

Crown Your Workspaces with High Safety Telesafe XLN Premium!

TeleSafe XLN-Premium Two-Piece Aluminum scaffolds are among our scaffolding groups that have the EN 1004-1:2020 standard, which has entered into force all over the world. These scaffolds can be easily adjusted in length thanks to the special joint system, provide the opportunity to work at different heights and offer flexibility of use. It creates a reinforced structure with robust aluminum construction and steel outriggers, thus providing a safe and durable use. Cross and horizontal connections made of aluminum profile connect the scaffold main ladders.

Thanks to the Q-Lock Lock System, you can set up quickly and safely. Platform and scaffold heights can be adjusted every 28 cm with rope and pulley systems. Inside opening platform doors allow personnel to access the platform safely. 110 cm high railings provide a safe working environment for workers.

  • TELESAFE XLN Premium Double Part Scaffoldings


    8 rung
  • S005_XLN_PR


    10 rung
  • S006_XLN_PR


    11 rung
  • S007_XLN_PR


    13 rung
  • S008_XLN_PR


    15 rung

Max load capacity 2 kN/m'2 (186 kg.)
* Average safe height with User
** Stabilizer feet size (closed-open)

- Maximum Load Capacity 2 kN/m'2 (186 kg.)
- Rung Dimensions: 30x30 mm.
- Beam Dimensions: 75x25 - (100x25 mm. - S008 XL)
- Platform: 12 mm. Plywood Resistant to Outside Conditions.


S005XLMTK16 740x2850x129-2---
S006XLMTK17,8740x3410x129 --2--
S007XLMTK19,8 740x3690x129---2-
S008XLMTK28 740x4201x129----2
DA040506XL27 372x1220x458111--
DA07XL28,6 372x2166x458---1-
DA08XL28,8 372x2166x458----1
75251900SOM1,2 75x1900x252222 -
75251950SOM1,4 75x1950x25----2
PLT155x6013,2 600x1746x8711122
PLT170X6013,8 600x1854x87-11--
PLT180X6014600x1876x87 ----1
Q161075AL1,25132x1672x42 -4---
Q1620100AL1,27132x1682x42 ---4
Q164075AL1,27132x1702x42 --44-
Q165575AL1,28 132x1717x424----
Q171075AL1,3797x1710x88 6888-
Q1710100AL1,4097x1710x98 ----8
Q205075AL1,5897x2050x88 2222-
Q2050100AL1,697x2050x98 ----2
Q248075AL1,8397x2480x88 2222-
Q2500100AL1,8697x2500x98 ----4
AKS0000000030,04260x55x60 1212121212
 (kg) 95117121126161


Compliant with the New Mobile Scaffolding Standard: TeleSafe XLN-Premium Two-Piece Aluminum scaffolds are fully compliant with the EN 1004-1:2020 standard and meet the safety standards applicable worldwide. In this way, safety is ensured and work can be carried out in accordance with legal requirements.

Extra Platform: Products coded S005 XLN_PR, S006 XLN_PR and S008 XLN_PR have an extra platform.

Quick and Easy Installation: Thanks to the newly developed Q-Lock Lock System, scaffolds can be installed quickly and safely. You can assemble practically without the need for additional tools. This saves time and increases work efficiency.

Adjustable Height: With the rope and pulley systems, platform and scaffold heights can be adjusted every 28 cm. This allows quick adaptation and flexibility to different working conditions.

Safe working environment: Internal opening platform covers and 110 cm high railings provide a safe working environment for workers. Designed in accordance with occupational safety standards, it helps prevent accidents.

Robust and Durable Structure: Aluminum construction and steel outriggers make the scaffold robust and durable. It has both a lightweight and strong structure, thus ensuring a long-lasting use.

Cross and horizontal connections made of aluminum profile: Diagonal and horizontal connections made of aluminum profile provide extra durability to the scaffold and offer the advantage of long-term use by extending the life of the diagonals. At the same time, thanks to the light weight of aluminum, the scaffold maintains its portability and increases its suitability for use in harsh conditions such as exterior facades.

Wide Area of Use: It can be used in many areas such as houses with high ceilings, exterior facades, workplaces, gas stations, sports halls, showrooms. Ideal for cleaning, maintenance, repair and construction activities. This offers a versatile use.

Minimizes Swaying: Lockable casters and steel outriggers minimize swaying when working on the platform. It provides a more stable working environment and ensures safe use.

Ease of Use: Special joint system and rope pulley systems allow you to easily adjust the scaffold length and create a safe working environment. It facilitates your work by providing flexibility of use.

Quality Certificates: TeleSafe XLN-Premium Two-Piece Aluminum Scaffolds have TÜV-SÜD EN1004 quality certificate in accordance with EN 1004-1:2020 standard. It is an approved product in terms of quality and reliability.



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