STELLA Folding Ladder Scaffollding

Practical Installation, Safe Operation and Various Combinations!

STELLA is a versatile product with practical installation and use, which can be used as a scaffold and two types of ladders. With the removal of the platform, this product can be used both as a type A ladder and as a leaning ladder. It can be easily transported and moved to the desired working area thanks to its walking wheels. The kickstand on the platform ensures safe working conditions while minimizing the risk of falling materials.

STELLA, which draws attention with its lightweight structure, has a robust and safe structure. When used in the form of scaffolding, the platform size can be adjusted and adapted according to user needs thanks to its folding modules. Optionally, it can be used as A type or leaning ladder by removing the cross connections.

  • STELLA Folding Ladder Scaffollding


    12 rung


Practical installation: STELLA offers quick and easy installation.

Multipurpose use: It can be used in scaffolding form or in two different ladder forms.

Adjustable platform: Thanks to its folding modules, you can adjust the platform size according to your needs.

Portability: You can easily move the product to the work area thanks to the walking wheels.

Safe working: The kickstand on the platform ensures a safe working environment and reduces the risk of materials falling.

Lightweight and robust construction: Despite its light weight, Stella has a robust and safe construction.

Work flexibility: The scaffold can be used in different ways, providing flexibility for your work.

Durability: Made of quality materials, Stella offers a long-lasting use.

Easy storage: Thanks to its folding feature, Stella saves space in the storage area.

Minimizes the risk of falling: The kickstand on the platform minimizes the risk of equipment falling.



Document Category
Ladder User Manual - EN131 202305-EN131-1200 4.5MB
STELLA Assembly Guide 202306-I-1260 1.5MB
Scaffolding User Manual - EN1004 202305-EN1004-1210 2.8MB
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