ProTUBE S model, which is TSE EN1004 Certified Professional Scaffolding System, can move on its wheels without being mounted on any surface.


    ProTUBE S4

    7 rung
  • ProTUBE S6

    ProTUBE S6

    14 rung
  • ProTUBE S8

    ProTUBE S8

    21 rung

    ProTUBE S10

    28 rung
ProTUBE S43,512,304,3255x73-95
ProTUBE S65,614,406,4255x73518x336133
ProTUBE S87,726,518,5255x73518x336176
ProTUBE S109,838,6210,6255x73518x336198

* Average secure height reached by the user.


(kg.)(WxLxH/mm.)ProTUBE S4ProTUBE S6ProTUBE S8ProTUBE S10
PTS223M6,5 730x2234x502468
PTS110K2,8 730x1108x502222
PT258KPN20,3 600x2576x1001122
PT275C2,3 50x2745x50481216
PT259H4,8 537x2589x502222
PT259Y2,3 50x2588x502222
PT276PA4,1 244x2762x132-444
PT200TE5,7 282x649x1254444
PTS302TM9 160x3032x431111
  (kg.) 95133176198


ProTUBE S model, which is TSE EN1004 Certified Professional Scaffolding System, can move on its wheels without being mounted on any surface. It consists of light and practical assemble parts, so it can be easily taken to the desired place in the work area. The product can be installed up to the required height, and the platform can be adjusted according to the height to work. Since it is made of aluminum material, its installation is simple, light and useful.

ProTUBE S scaffolding systems offer a safe, modular, durable and economical solutions up to 10,4 m. Carrying Capacity per Platform is 200 kgs. It is installed in a short time thanks to its practical mounting apparatus, and a safer working area is provided by expanding the floor area by the stabilizers. The risk of equipment falling down from the scaffolding is eliminated by the toeboard that can be mounted on the platform.

Our Protube S series scaffoldings with a working area of 60x245 cm consist of a single platform. If there is no limitation in width of area where the scaffold will be installed and a larger working area is needed and you can prefer Protube L series scaffoldings with a working area of 120x245 cm.



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ProTUBE L_FP_S_F User Manual (EN1004) 202203-I-1211 8.4MB
TSE TS EN1004 Quality Certificate - Mobile Towers (ProTUBE L-S-F) TS EN1004 / 027811 TSE 01-02 / ProTube Mobile Scaffolding 413.3KB
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