POLYSAFE - Multipurpose Scaffolding Systems

Push the Limits in Diversity and Efficiency!

POLYSAFE - Multipurpose Aluminum Scaffolding Ladders are customizable systems that offer practical and useful solutions and can be used both in the form of mobile scaffolding and as ptt type ladder and a type ladder.

Thanks to its platform that can be adjusted according to the step height, you can easily adjust the height suitable for your working environment. POLYSAFE scaffolding ladders, a lightweight yet durable product with its quality aluminum profile structure, robust fittings and platform, exhibits superior performance in terms of safety and usability.

Equipped with a stop pin that prevents over-opening, a kickstand made of plywood material, special cast joints and a plywood material platform, scaffold ladders offer an ergonomic and safe working experience. POLYSAFE scaffold ladder model, which allows you to work at various height levels with three different combination options, allows you to reduce costs and avoid excess equipment by completing multiple jobs with a single product. Q-Lock locking systems are used for quick installation, while the outriggers minimize platform swaying and provide safe working conditions. Thanks to its sturdy wheels, you can easily transport the product and move easily in your work area. The carrying capacity of POLYSAFE scaffolding ladders is 2 kN/m2. When all these features come together, POLYSAFE is an ideal solution for you to complete your work efficiently.

  • POLYSAFE - Multipurpose Scaffolding Systems


    8 rung
PL0032x82,444,112,75 4,7 2,44 3,0 4,663,459x246x38

Platform Size: 155 x 45 cm.

- Beam Dimensions: 75x25 mm.
- Square Rung Profile: 30x30 mm.
- Maximum Load Capacity: 150 Kg.


Multipurpose Use: Multipurpose Aluminum Scaffolding Ladders is a versatile system that can be used in the form of mobile scaffolding, ptt type ladder and a type ladder.

Adjustable Height: The platform height can be easily adjusted according to the step height, adapting to different business needs.

Lightweight and Robust Construction: It offers lightness and robustness with its quality aluminum profile structure and fittings. It is easy to carry and provides long-lasting use.

Safe and Ergonomic Design: A stopper pin to prevent over-opening, a kickstand made of plywood material and special cast joints provide a safe and ergonomic working environment.

Multiple Combination Options: It offers the opportunity to work at different height levels with three different combinations. It allows to complete various jobs without the need for more than one piece of equipment.

Easy Installation: Q-Lock locking systems allow for quick and practical installation without the need for additional tools. Increases business continuity.

Minimizes Swaying: Minimizes swaying on the platform with balance legs and provides a safe working environment.

Portability: Thanks to its sturdy wheels, it provides easy portability in the work area. It can be easily moved wherever it is needed.

High Carrying Capacity: The carrying capacity of the platforms is 2 kN/m2.

Economic and Practical Solution: With its multi-purpose use, it enables to complete works without the need for more than one equipment, reduces costs and increases work efficiency.



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