MONOSAFE - Platformed Ladder

Versatile Ladders, with Combinations to Suit Your Needs!

MONOSAFE are platform ladders that offer various usage possibilities. In case of need, the platform can be removed and two opposite ladders can be formed that can be connected to each other with a special joint-lock system. In this way, the ladder and one piece can be used as two sliding pieces or in the A position. The platform height can be adjusted by fixing the hooks to the desired step.

A safe working environment is ensured by iron pipe stabilizers connected laterally and a railing on the platform for a safe working environment.

While the risk of slipping is prevented with rubber feet, swaying is prevented thanks to the expanding side feet. MONOSAFE has a light, robust, safe and long-lasting design.

  • MONOSAFE - Platformed Ladder


    8 rung

- Beam Dimensions: 75x25 mm.
- Square Rung Profile: 30x30 mm
- Maximum Load Capacity: 150 Kg.


Multi-purpose use: MONOSAFE platform ladders are products that can be used for different tasks and have a compact design.

Different combinations: Thanks to 4 different combination options, they can be used in scaffolding, one-piece ladder, sliding ladder and A-type ladder formats.

Fast installation: Thanks to Q-Lock locking systems, they can be installed quickly and practically without additional tools.

Safe working environment: The laterally connected iron pipe stabilizers and the railing on the platform ensure safe working conditions.

Anti-slip feet: Rubber feet eliminate the risk of slipping.

Anti-swaying: The widened side legs minimize the swaying of the ladder.

High bearing capacity: The bearing capacity of the platforms is 2 kN/m2.

Robust and long-lasting design: It has a robust and durable design with high-strength profiles, steps connected by special fitting compression method, stop pin and step locks.

Stabilizing outriggers: Wide outriggers increase stability.

Preventing equipment redundancy: Avoids equipment redundancy as well as saving money by completing various jobs with a single product.



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Ladder User Manual - EN131 202305-EN131-1200 4.5MB
MONOSAFE Assembly Guide 202306-I-1250 1.4MB
Scaffolding User Manual - EN1004 202305-EN1004-1210 2.8MB
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