MODYSAFE - Modular Scaffoldings

Move Forward with Strong Steps, Modular Aluminum Scaffolds are With You!

MODYSAFE are modular aluminum scaffolds built on a wheeled platform. A safe and robust structure is formed by the combination of steel connection apparatus and aluminum modules. Modules are securely connected to each other with sheet metal connection apparatus and additional support is provided with cross connections. The height of the scaffolding platform can be adjusted to the desired step and quick access is provided thanks to the one-way internally opening platform cover.

MODYSAFE has a structure that stands out with its durability and safety. While the steel connection apparatus increases durability, the light weight of the aluminum modules provides easy portability. This combination allows users to work safely and ensures a long-lasting use.

MODYSAFE's lockable casters make scaffolding easy to move. The scaffolding can be moved quickly and easily to the desired work area. Thanks to this feature, it can be easily transported between projects and offers a wide range of uses. It provides safe working in different sectors such as construction, maintenance-repair and assembly.

  • MODYSAFE - Modular Scaffoldings


    14 rung
  • SM640


    21 rung

* Average safe height with User
- Maximum Load Capacity 2 kN/m2 (186 Kg.)

- Beam Dimensions: 75x25
- Rung Dimensions: 30x30 mm.
- Maximum Load Capacity 186 Kg.
- Platform: 15 mm. Plywood Resistant to Outside Conditions.


Safe and Robust Construction: It is formed by solidly combining aluminum modules with steel connection apparatus. This structure provides a safe working environment and increases work safety.

Flexible Height Adjustment: The height of the scaffolding platform can be adjusted to the desired step. This feature provides flexibility of use in different projects and locations.

Quick Access: Thanks to the one-way opening doors on the scaffolds, quick access to the working environment is provided. This saves time and increases productivity.

Portability: The wheels of the scaffolds can be locked and moved to the desired location. This feature provides the advantage of being able to move easily in the work area and deliver the scaffold to where it is needed.

Wide Area of Use: Modular Aluminum scaffolds have a wide range of uses from high-ceilinged houses to workplaces, from fuel stations to sports halls. It is preferred by professionals in many sectors such as cleaning, maintenance, repair and construction.

Easy Installation: Scaffolds can be installed quickly and easily thanks to their modular structure and sheet metal connection apparatus. This increases business continuity and saves time.

Safe Working Environment: The 110 cm high railings around the scaffolding platform minimize the risk of falling by ensuring the safety of employees. In this way, a safe working environment is created.

Minimizes Swaying: Lockable wheels and steel outriggers on the scaffolds provide a more stable working environment and minimize swaying. This increases work efficiency.

High Carrying Capacity: Modular Aluminum scaffolds have a bearing capacity of 2 kN/m2.

Durable and Long Lasting: Scaffolds are formed by the combination of steel construction and aluminum modules. Thanks to the durability properties of these materials, scaffolds are long-lasting and reduce costs.

Practicality and Efficiency: Modular Aluminum Scaffolds facilitate work processes with their fast installation feature and portability. This saves time and labor and increases work efficiency.

Equipment Safety: The safe working environment provided by the scaffolding platform also ensures the safe use of equipment. Thanks to the kickstand, the risk of equipment falling on the platform is minimized.



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