ALL-FLEX - Foldable Modular Scaffolding

Unlimited Portability, Leader in Safety!

ALL_FLEX Folding Modular Scaffolding System is a mobile scaffolding solution frequently preferred by professional users in the construction and maintenance sector. This system consists of scaffolds that can be easily erected and height-adjusted thanks to its wheeled and modular structure.

With the addition of modules, ALL_FLEX scaffolds can be adjusted to working heights from 2.9 meters to 5.9 meters. This provides flexibility of use in different projects and locations. From houses with high ceilings to exterior facades, from workplaces to gas stations, from sports halls to showrooms. All FLEX scaffolds are simple to install and take up little space.

Their one-step foldable structure provides great convenience in the installation and transportation process. It speeds up your work and increases productivity.

  • ALL-FLEX - Foldable Modular Scaffolding


    7 rung
  • All_Flex_A3


    7 rung
  • All_Flex_A4


    11 rung
  • All_Flex_A5


    14 rung
  • All_Flex_A6


    18 rung

* Average safe height reached with the user.


Modular and Wheeled Structure: All_FLEX scaffolding system has a structure that can be easily installed and adjusted to the desired height by adding modular parts on wheeled legs. In this way, it provides flexible use for different projects and spaces.

Wide Area of Use: All_FLEX scaffolds have a wide range of uses from high-ceilinged houses to showrooms. It is preferred by professional users in many sectors such as construction, maintenance, cleaning and repair.

Safe working environment: 110 cm high railings around the scaffolding platform minimize the risk of falling by ensuring the safety of employees. In this way, a safe working environment is created.

Fast and Practical Installation: All_FLEX scaffolding system can be installed quickly and practically without the need for additional tools thanks to the Q-Lock locking system. This feature increases business continuity and saves time.

High Payload Capacity: All_FLEX scaffolds have a bearing capacity of 2 kN/m2.

Lightweight and Portable: All_FLEX scaffolds are made of aluminum material. Therefore, it has a light and portable structure. You can easily carry the scaffolds and move them around the work area.

Simple Installation and Small Footprint: All_FLEX scaffolding system provides easy installation with its one-step folding structure. In addition, the small footprint design provides convenience in storage and transportation processes.

Equipment Safety: The scaffolding platform's kickstand minimizes the risk of equipment on the platform falling during operation. This ensures safe use of the equipment.

Long Life and Durability: All_FLEX scaffolds are manufactured using aluminum material. Thanks to the durable and useful properties of aluminum, a long-lasting product is obtained. This reduces costs and provides an economical solution in the long term.

Practicality and Efficiency: All_FLEX scaffolding system speeds up work and increases productivity with its fast installation feature. It saves time and labor by facilitating work processes.


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