Aluminium Scaffolding Systems

Ensure your life safety in your work areas with Cagsan aluminum mobile scaffolding!

With Cagsan mobile scaffolds, you can provide easy and safe access to your work areas up to 14 m high, you can easily move the products in your work area due to the fact that they are wheeled, and you can adjust the platform according to the different heights you will work.

Our mobile scaffolds, also commonly called mobile scaffolding, are lightweight, robust and practical because they are made of aluminum.
What is mobile scaffolding, also known as scaffolding on wheels?

Scaffolds are used for safe work at heights. There are many scaffolding systems according to the intended use. Mobile scaffolds are other
They are scaffolds that are easier to install and dismantle than scaffolds. The biggest difference from the classic design scaffolding is the presence of wheels at the foot.

Thanks to these wheels, it can be moved to the desired position in the work area and you can perform almost all operations in the area with a single scaffold.
It is advantageous from other scaffolds due to its use, installation, lightness and mobility.

Due to its mobility, there may be a feeling that it is not safe in the first place, but in addition to the brake system on the wheels, mobile scaffolds are at least as safe as fixed scaffolds with features such as the presence of balance legs that increase safety, railings on the platform, etc.

What is EN 1004?

It is the standard that determines the minimum safety and conditions of scaffolds described as mobile scaffolds with a platform height of up to 12 m (indoors) and up to 8 m (outdoors). It is a standard specific to mobile scaffolds.

What is mobile scaffolding and what does it do?

Mobile scaffolding is a portable structure preferred for construction, maintenance, repair and similar industrial applications. It is used by professionals to provide safe and easy access to high working areas. Carefully designed mobile scaffolds with the required robustness and durability features are produced with superior quality materials. Prioritizing user safety, mobile scaffolds have special safety features to ensure maximum safety in the work area.

Details such as non-slip surfaces, sturdy handrails, stable feet and safe ladder access ensure that users work comfortably and safely. In this way, users can perform their jobs that require working at height more efficiently and safely. Mobile scaffolds have adjustable height features to adapt to different height requirements. Their portability allows them to be easily moved between different work areas and makes assembly-disassembly processes practical.

Thanks to their user-friendly design, mobile scaffolds can be set up quickly, saving time and contributing to business continuity. Ergonomic designs support users to work comfortably and increase work efficiency by reducing fatigue. Thanks to the use of quality materials and compliance with safety standards, mobile scaffolds offer a long-lasting and reliable solution.

Mobile scaffolds, which have become an indispensable equipment in the construction and industry sector, help professionals complete their work more easily, safely and efficiently.

With their excellent performance and user-friendly features, mobile scaffolds play an important role in the successful completion of projects.

What are the advantages of mobile scaffolds?

* Portability: Mobile scaffolds can be easily moved between different work areas thanks to their portable structure. This allows projects and works to be carried out quickly and in different regions.

* Easy Assembly and Disassembly: Mobile scaffolds can be assembled and disassembled in a fast, practical way. This saves time and allows work to be carried out more efficiently.

* High Safety: Mobile scaffolds are designed in accordance with safety standards and equipped with various safety measures. Features such as sturdy handrails, non-slip surfaces, stable feet and safe ladder access ensure that users can work safely.

* Adjustable Height: Mobile scaffolds offer an adjustable height feature to meet the different height requirements of users. This ensures that the height of the scaffold can be easily adjusted according to the needs of the work area.

* Ergonomic Design: Mobile scaffolds support users to work in an ergonomic way. Features such as height adjustability, comfortable handles and easily accessible work platforms increase user comfort and work efficiency.

* Durability: Mobile scaffolds are manufactured from high quality materials and have a robust structure. Therefore, they offer long-lasting use and are resistant to abrasions, impacts and other external influences.

* Occupational Safety Compliance: Mobile scaffolds are designed and used in compliance with occupational safety standards. This ensures that safety requirements in the workplace are met and helps prevent occupational accidents.

* Productivity: Mobile scaffolds increase work continuity and productivity. By enabling users to work easily and safely, it prevents time losses and speeds up work processes.

* Economic: Mobile scaffolds offer an economical solution thanks to their long-lasting use, portability and versatility. A single scaffold can be used for different projects and jobs, reducing costs and increasing return on investment.

* Versatility: Mobile scaffolding is widely used in a wide range of applications, from the construction industry to the energy industry, from event organization to film productions, from safety to creative projects.

The 10 most common areas where mobile scaffolding is used are as follows;

1. Construction Projects: Mobile scaffolds are frequently used for works such as the construction of high-rise buildings, facade cladding works, exterior painting.
2. Building Maintenance and Repair: Mobile scaffolds provide a safe working platform for periodic maintenance of buildings, roof repair, window repair, etc.
3. Industrial Facilities: In industrial areas such as factory buildings, warehouses, industrial plants, mobile scaffolds are preferred for equipment maintenance and assembly works.
4. Energy Sector: Mobile scaffolds are used in energy production facilities such as maintenance of power lines and wind turbines.
5. Shipyards and Ships: Mobile scaffolds are used in ship maintenance, construction and painting processes in the maritime sector.
6. Airports: Mobile scaffolds can be used for maintenance of terminal buildings and control of lighting systems.
7. Theaters and Studios: Mobile scaffolds are preferred for the installation of stage decorations and maintenance of lighting systems.
8. Sports Arenas: In large sports complexes, mobile scaffolds are used in jobs such as tribune maintenance and lighting system control.
9. Shopping Centers: Mobile scaffolds are used for lighting and decoration works of stores with high ceilings.
10. Hospitals and Health Facilities: Mobile scaffolds are preferred for maintenance and repair works in areas such as high ceilinged operating rooms and hospital corridors.

These are some examples where mobile scaffolding is used, and it is also common to use mobile scaffolding in various other industrial applications.

There are rules to be considered when using mobile scaffolds and following these rules helps prevent occupational accidents by ensuring that scaffolds are used safely.

What should we pay attention to for the safe use of mobile scaffolds?

1. The assembly and disassembly of scaffolds must be carried out by competent and trained personnel.
2. Scaffolds must be assembled and properly secured in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
3. The carrying capacity of the scaffolds must never be exceeded. The specified maximum load limits must be observed.
4. Persons working on scaffolding must have appropriate training and experience.
5. Before working on the scaffold, make sure that all parts are intact and replace any damaged parts or components.
6. Scaffolds should be properly installed on the ground and placed on a solid ground.
7. Scaffolds should be regularly maintained and periodically checked.
8. Attention should be paid to weather conditions, scaffolds should not be used in risky situations such as strong wind, rain, icy ground, etc. or safety precautions should be taken.

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