Aluminium Scaffolding Systems

Ensure your life safety in your work areas with Cagsan aluminum mobile scaffolding!

With Cagsan mobile scaffolds, you can provide easy and safe access to your work areas up to 14 m high, you can easily move the products in your work area due to the fact that they are wheeled, and you can adjust the platform according to the different heights you will work.

Our mobile scaffolds, also commonly called mobile scaffolding, are lightweight, robust and practical because they are made of aluminum.
Mobile scaffolding, what is another common use of wheeled scaffolding?

Scaffolding is used for safe work in high-rise works. There are many scaffolding systems according to the purpose of use. The biggest difference from the classic design scaffolding is the presence of wheels on the foot part.

Thanks to these wheels, it can be moved to the desired position in the work area and you can perform almost all operations in the field with a single scaffold.
It is advantageous from other scaffolds due to its use, installation, lightness and mobility.

Moving can be a feeling like it's not safe because it is in the first place, but if you have the brake system in addition to the wheels feet on the platform, the equilibrium increase safety railing, etc Piers Piers is at least as safe as the fixed mobile features.

What is EN 1004?

It is the standard in which the minimum safety and conditions of the work piers defined as mobile piers with a platform height of up to 12 m (indoors) and up to 8 m (outdoors) are determined. It is a standard specific to mobile piers.
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