TRIO - Triple Part Extension Ladders

Safe Working Solution!

TRIO - Three-piece sliding ladder is a ladder solution that makes your work easier and increases your working efficiency. This three-piece aluminum sliding ladder is a versatile option that you can use safely and practically in your industrial areas, office, home.

Used against the wall and providing height adjustment with a step lock system, TRIO makes your work faster and easier.

Three-piece sliding ladders, which are easy to carry thanks to their lightweight structure, gain speed in work areas. It is also safe with its robustness and high carrying capacity.

  • TRIO - Triple Part Extension Ladders


    6 rung
  • TS075


    8 rung
  • TS090


    10 rung
  • TS105


    12 rung
  • TS120


    14 rung

* Average safe height when used on red step.

- Beam Dimensions 63x20 mm. (TS6060), 75x25 mm. (TS075, TS090, TS105), 100x25 mm. (TS120)
- Square Rung Profile: 30x30 mm
- Maximum Load Capacity: 150 Kg.


Versatile Use: TRIO ladder is an ideal solution for different areas of use with its three-part sliding structure. This ladder, which you can use against the wall in your workplace or home, provides height adjustment with its step lock system. This feature makes your work faster and easier. TRIO, also known as PTT type ladders, helps you complete your work more efficiently.

Lightweight and Portable: TRIO ladders can be easily transported thanks to their lightweight structure. This feature saves speed in work areas and makes it easy to move the ladder to the desired point. You can use it practically wherever you need it.

Robustness and Safety: TRIO ladders are long-lasting and robust thanks to the quality of the special rectangular profile used. Non-slip patterned square profile steps are securely connected to the carrier profile with the snap-compression method. The "U" sliding system that completely grips the sliding ladder in its channel and the robust, non-slip shoe wedges also provide extra support. This provides a safe working environment and gives users a sense of security.

Wide Area of Use: TRIO ladders are used extensively in many areas from the advertising sector to sign makers, electricians, telecom companies, window systems installers, maintenance and repair workers, industrial designers and industrial cleaning companies. Companies in various sectors benefit from the usefulness and reliability of TRIO ladders.

Safety Details: TRIO ladders have a red colored step that marks the last point that can be climbed safely. The quality fitting and opening limiting pin in the slider design provide an innovative and reliable product.

Quality Certificates: TRIO ladders in all lengths have TÜV-SÜD and TSE EN 131 quality certificates. These certificates show that the products comply with safety and quality standards and that users can use them with confidence.

TRIO ladders are a reliable option manufactured with high quality standards.


TRIO - Triple Part Extension Ladders
TRIO - Triple Part Extension Ladders
TRIO - Triple Part Extension Ladders
TRIO - Triple Part Extension Ladders



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