TRIOMAX - Triple Part Combination Ladders

Economical and Versatile Ladder Solution!

TRIOMAX are economical three-piece multi-purpose ladders made of 63 mm special profiles. It can be used both as leaning against the wall and as an A type self-supporting ladder. TRIOMAX, which draws attention with its economical structure, offers three different combinations for your works at various heights.

TRIOMAX is an ideal option for long-term use with its economical and robust structure. Thanks to its superior quality and functionality, it offers a safe usage experience while increasing your working efficiency.

It can be used both indoors against a wall in tight spaces and self-supporting in wide open spaces, making TRIOMAX a versatile choice.
  • TRIOMAX - Triple Part Combination Ladders


    8 rung
  • TS185


    9 rung
  • TS195


    10 rung


* Average safe height when used on red step.

- Beam Dimensions 63x25 mm.
- Square Rung Profile: 30x30 mm
- Maximum Load Capacity: 150 Kg.


Produced with Çağsan quality, TRIOMAX is one of the best choices for your long-lasting use.

TRIOMAX - Economic Three-Piece Multipurpose Ladder has many advantages for you, the advantages are summarized as follows;

Versatile Use: Thanks to the flexibility of its three parts, TRIOMAX allows you to reach various heights in different jobs and work areas. This ladder, which you can use both against the wall and self-supporting, makes your work more efficient and eliminates the excess equipment you have.

Portability and Lightweight: TRIOMAX's lightweight structure provides practicality in transportation and relocation. You can move quickly in your workspaces and use it easily for transportation. While its light weight helps you gain speed in your projects, it also draws attention with its robust structure that ensures safe use.

Safety and Durability: TRIOMAX offers a long-lasting and robust structure by using a special rectangular profile, non-slip patterned square profile steps connected to the carrier profile by snap compression method and quality materials of the special snap-cast joint system. In addition, non-slip shoe wedges create a sense of security.

Quality Certificates: TRIOMAX has quality certificates according to TÜV-SÜD EN 131 standard. These certificates show that the product meets high quality standards and can be used safely.



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Ladder User Manual - EN131 202305-EN131-1200 4.5MB
TÜV-SÜD EN131 Quality Certificate - Multi Purpose Ladders TÜV-SÜD EN131 / Z1A 091172 0026 Rev.00 / Multi Purpose Ladders 493.6KB
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