TELESKY - Multipurpose Folding Ladders

Durability, Flexibility and Functionality!

TELESKY are multi-purpose folding aluminum ladders that can be used in different positions thanks to their special joint locking system. These ladders offer you an excellent working experience by combining high durability, exceptional flexibility and superior functionality. TELESKY Ladders, which can be easily adjusted to the height and angle required by any job, can be used in the most appropriate way, providing you with practicality in all kinds of work.

Thanks to the ergonomic design and ease of use of these ladders, your productivity increases and your time loss is minimized. In addition, thanks to its durable aluminum material, it has a long-lasting use and is easy to carry and store with its lightweight structure. TELESKY Ladders are an ideal option for professional use and help you complete your work more comfortably, safely and effectively.

  • TELESKY - Multipurpose Folding Ladders


    3 rung
  • CK360


    4 rung
  • CK470


    5 rung


Adjustable Height: The most important feature of TELESKY is that the height of the opposite legs can be adjusted. This feature allows you to work easily on stepped surfaces such as stairs. You can easily adjust the height you want by adapting to any surface.

Indoor and Outdoor Use: TELESKY is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. You can use it both indoors at home or in the office, and outdoors in the garden or construction sites. This product gives you flexibility in any working environment.

Compact and Portable: TELESKY can be compactly stored and transported thanks to its foldable feature. This allows it to be easily transported in small vehicles or storage areas. You can use this practical ladder wherever you need it.

Strong and Durable: TELESKY products are durable and long-lasting thanks to the strong profile structure, special non-slip wedges, special joint system and locking mechanism. These features increase the stability of the ladder and provide a safe working environment.

Ideal for Various Jobs: TELESKY is a product with many different combinations that you can use for various jobs. You can use it in many areas such as construction, renovation, cleaning and gardening. This multi-purpose ladder allows you to complete your work without the need for more than one ladder and in this way you will realize that you have made an investment that pays off in the long run.

Approved by Quality Certificates: TELESKY Multipurpose Folding Ladders are certified according to TÜV-SÜD EN 131-4 standard. This certifies that the product meets high quality and safety standards. In this way, it proves that it is a product that users can use safely and securely.



Document Category
Ladder User Manual - EN131 202305-EN131-1200 4.5MB
TÜV-SÜD EN131 Quality Certificate - Multipurpose Ladders (AK-CK) TÜV-SÜD EN131-4 / Z1 091172 0025 Rev.00 / Multi Purpose Ladders (AK-CK) 365.7KB


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