TELAR - Telescopic Ladders

Portability, Mobility and Functionality!

TELAR Telescopic Ladders are height-adjustable, practical to use, easy to carry and store, and very advantageous.

TELAR Telescopic Ladders are designed for use in many areas such as repairs, painting, gardening, housework and cleaning activities. Its length is adjustable for each step height thanks to its folded autosteps feature, allowing you to adjust it to different heights up to 3.8 meters on vertical surfaces and work comfortably. With its telescopic structure, it takes up minimal space when closed and can be easily transported in the trunk of vehicles.

TELAR makes your work more practical and efficient with its robustness, portability and ease of use. With various advantages like these, it is a great helper and this makes it a sought-after product.
  • TELAR - Telescopic Ladders


    13 rung
TL380 131,03 m.3,80 m.4,6 m.14,5 kg.103x51x10

 * Average safe height when used on red step.


Practical Use: TELAR Telescopic Ladders are easy to use and can be adjusted according to your needs. You can easily perform your work by adjusting the height as you wish.

Portability: Thanks to its telescopic structure, TELAR takes up little space when closed and can be easily transported. You can easily store it in the trunk of your vehicle or in storage areas.

Multipurpose Use: TELAR is designed to help you with many different jobs. You can use it in various areas such as repairs, painting, gardening, housework, cleaning activities.

Adjustable Height: Each step is adjustable in height, allowing you to work at different heights. You can adjust the height up to 3.8 meters on vertical surfaces.

Mini Size Formatting: The ability to convert from 3.8 meters to 1 meter mini size format makes TELAR a highly sought after product. You can adjust the size according to your needs.



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