PLATO - A Type Platformed Ladders

Safe and Durable Working Environment!

PLATO are platform ladders that offer robustness, safe operation and long-lasting use in professional working environments. These products are specially designed with the comfort and safety of the personnel in the workplace in mind. It provides maximum stabilization with high quality materials and robust structure.

PLATO - Type A Platform Ladders stand out with their safe working environment and durability. It increases your work efficiency and ensures the comfort of your staff with its robust structure, ergonomic use and customizable options in your professional work.

  • PLATO - A Type Platformed Ladders


    8 rung
  • A4


    12 rung
  • A5


    15 rung
  • A6


    19 rung

* Average safe height with User

- Beam Dimensions: 75x25 mm (A3, A4, A5)
- Beam Dimensions: 100x25 mm (A6)
- Square Rung Profile: 30x30 mm
- Maximum Load Capacity: 150 Kg.
- Platform 15 mm plywood with non-slip surface resistant to external factors.
- Platform Size : 34x49 cm.


Wide Platform and Balance Legs: PLATO ladders prioritize the comfort of the personnel who will be working. In addition to the wide outriggers, the support slats provide maximum stabilization of the ladder. These features provide a safe working environment and help personnel maintain their balance.

Comfortable Use: To provide a comfortable experience even during long hours of work, our platform uses specially designed 15mm WireMesh non-slip film-coated plywood. This special material effectively prevents unwanted slipping of the items you place on the platform during work.

Sturdiness and Lightness: PLATO ladders are made of aluminum material, which provides both strength and lightness. Thanks to its robust construction, the joints and the retractable scissors are made of quality materials, which are suitable for long-lasting use even under heavy working conditions. These features increase the durability of the ladder and make it ideal for long-term use. Furthermore, thanks to its light weight, the ladder can be easily transported and moved around work areas.

Customizability: According to special requirements, PLATO ladders can be equipped with 8 cm deep treads for a more ergonomic product. Thanks to the wide surface of the steps, the personnel gets less tired and the working efficiency increases.



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