JURA W Step Ladder

The Ideal Solution for Wide and Safe Work!

JURA W - Wide Aluminum Ladder allows you to complete your long-lasting work effortlessly thanks to its wide steps with double exit and reinforced profile structure. Its 8 cm. deep steps allow you to climb up and down easily during use, while its 30x60 cm. top table allows you to work on the product for a long time with an ergonomic experience. In addition, it is manufactured in accordance with TÜV-SÜD EN14183 standards, so you use a safe and high quality product.

The double ascent feature allows you to use the ladder on both sides, helping you to complete your work quickly and efficiently. Available with 2, 3 and 4 steps, JURA W ladders have safety scissors on all lengths of ladders, providing extra safety and minimizing swaying.

JURA W offers you a safe and comfortable working experience while making your work easier with its advantages. It increases your productivity by enabling you to complete long-lasting tasks effortlessly.

  • JURA W Step Ladder


    2 rung
  • JR3W


    3 rung
  • JR4W


    4 rung
 (m.) (m.)(m.)*(kg.)(WxLxH/cm.)


- Top Step Size: 300x400
- Beam Profile Dimensions: 790x27x1,7 mm.
- Step Profile Dimensions: 800x28x1,7 mm.
- Load Capacity Maximum 150 Kg.
- 80 mm deep aluminum step with non-slip pattern on it


Double Exit Design:
The JURA W ladder allows you to move easily both up and down the ladder thanks to its wide steps with double ascents. This allows you to get your work done more quickly and efficiently.

Wide Treads: The 8 cm deep treads allow you to climb up and down comfortably during use. This provides comfort and practicality in your working process.

Ergonomic Design: The 30x60 cm. top table allows you to work for long periods of time with a comfortable experience. It allows you to focus on your work while maintaining the natural posture of your back and body.

Safety Standards: JURA W - Aluminum Ladder with TÜV-SÜD EN14183 standards. Therefore, you are assured that you are using a safe and quality product.

Durable Aluminum Profiles: The durability and lightness of the ladder is achieved thanks to the high-quality use of special aluminum profiles. This ensures that you are working with a long-lasting and reliable product.

Non-Slip Wedges: The non-slip wedges at the base of the ladder provide a firm grip on the ground and offer a safe working environment. This feature allows you to move easily in your work.

Integrated Hinge System: The integrated hinge of the ladder offers extra strength and durability. In this way, you will get a reliable performance even in long-term use.

Anti-Sway and Safety Shears: The safety scissors on JURA W ladders in different sizes offer extra safety and anti-swaying features. This makes you feel safer while working.



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TÜV-SÜD EN14183 Quality Certificate - Step Stools (JURA - JURA W) TÜV-SÜD EN14183 / Z1 091172 0030 Rev.00 / Step Stools (JURA - JURA W) 411.5KB
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