HAZAR - Aluminium Ladders

Safe, Ergonomic and Portable!

HAZAR is a robust, high quality and lightweight ladder product designed for professional use. Thanks to its aluminum structure, it provides robustness and durability while also standing out with its portability. Its wide steps and sturdy platform structure provide ergonomic use and make your work easier.

HAZAR Aluminum Ladder is a preferred product in workplaces, homes, workshops and many other areas. Offering both safety and portability together, this ladder makes your work easier and more efficient while providing an ergonomic working experience.

  • HAZAR - Aluminium Ladders


    2 rung
  • HA103


    3 rung
  • HA104


    4 rung
  • HA105


    5 rung
  • HA106


    6 rung

* Average secure height reached by the user.

* 10 cm. wide step with non-slip pattern on the depth
* Platform size: 25x28
* 150 kg. capacity


Safe and Comfortable: HAZAR ladders aim to protect your safety and comfort even during long-term work. The glass fiber reinforced polypropylene platform with a non-slip pattern on it offers a safe working area with its 28x28 cm dimensions. In addition, wide steps with a depth of 10 cm facilitate ascending and descending, increasing your working efficiency.

Stability and Anti-Swaying: The straps used on HAZAR ladders starting from 4+1 steps help prevent the product from spreading and prevent swaying. This feature provides a safe working environment and maintains the stability of the ladder.

Convenient Design: The handrail on the railing of HAZAR ladders provides a convenient place to place the tools and equipment you use during work. The carrying handle on the side carrying profile allows you to easily carry the sturdy and lightweight ladder with one hand. These useful design details make your work more efficient and facilitate your working processes.

Assurance with Quality Certificates: HAZAR Aluminum Ladders have TÜV-SÜD EN 131 standard quality certificate. This shows that the product is manufactured in accordance with quality standards and provides a reliable use. You have the advantage of working with a product designed in accordance with the highest quality standards for your safety and satisfaction.



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Ladder User Manual - EN131 202305-EN131-1200 4.5MB
TÜV-SÜD EN131 Quality Certificate - Standing Ladders (BG-OL_HA) TÜV-SÜD EN131 / Z1 091172 0019 Rev.00 / Standing Step Ladders (BG-OL-HA) 414.3KB
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