GARDE - Professional Garden Ladders

Soil Compatible, Ergonomic and Safe!

GARDE - Professional Garden Ladder is a safe, practical and ergonomic ladder that you can use in your garden works. Made of aluminum material, it provides lightness and portability.

The risk of swaying is minimized by ensuring that the feet are stuck in the ground with special wedges. The wide outrigger and aluminum back leg provide more stability and allow the ladder to be used without resting on anything. The feeling of confidence during the use of the GARDE ladder is ensured by the use of high quality aluminum profile, fixing it to the ground with special studded wedges and anti-sliding safety belts. GARDE - Professional Garden Ladder offers a safe and ergonomic working experience while making your garden work easier.
  • GARDE - Professional Garden Ladders


    10 rung
  • BM35


    12 rung
  • BM40


    14 rung
  • BM45


    15 rung

* Average secure height reached by the user.


Safe and Practical: It offers a safe and practical use in your garden works. Thanks to special wedges, the feet of the ladder are firmly stuck in the ground, minimizing the risk of swaying. The wide outrigger and aluminum back leg provide extra stability.

Lightweight and Portable: Being made of aluminum material makes the ladder light and portable. You can easily carry it wherever you need it.

Versatile Use: The GARDE ladder is ideal for operations such as pruning and picking fruit from trees in the garden. It offers a comfortable working experience with its ergonomic design.

Stable and Durable: The use of quality aluminum profile makes the ladder stable and durable. It offers a long-lasting use.

Safety Features: Anti-tear safety belts provide a safe working environment. You can easily focus while working.

Soil Compatible: Special studded wedges ensure that the ladder is fixed to the soil and provide more safety.



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