FOLDE - Folding Ladders

Safety, Durability and Portability in One!

FOLDE are foldable ladders that stand out with their durability and safety. It offers a sturdy structure thanks to its wide outrigger and anti-skid plastic pads. It can be used in three different combinations with its special locking joint. While the vertical version allows two different heights to be set vertically against the wall, the fork ladder variation allows you to work safely without any support from another surface. The self-locking cast iron joints of FOLDE ladders stand out with their quality materials and workmanship, further emphasizing the robustness of the product.

FOLDE - Folding Ladders are preferred products with a wide range of uses. They can be used in workplaces, homes, workshops and many other areas. Thanks to their portability and versatile usage options, they make your work easier and increase productivity.

Offering a combination of safety, durability and portability, FOLDE ladders are your reliable business partner. Standing out with their superior quality and ease of use, these ladders perfect your working experience and make your work more enjoyable.
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    6 rung
  • K3


    10 rung
  • K4


    12 rung


Safety and Stability: FOLDE ladders provide safe operation with their wide outriggers and non-slip wedge shoes, as well as their strong and durable construction. Built on a solid foundation, the ladders offer stability and stability at every step. This gives you confidence while working and allows you to complete your work easily.

Versatile Use: FOLDE ladders can be used in three different combinations thanks to their special locking joint. Vertically against the wall, you can adjust two different heights. In the fork ladder variant, you can work safely without the need for another surface. These versatile usage options diversify your work and increase your working efficiency.

Durability and Longevity: The durability of FOLDE ladders is ensured by the quality of the special rectangular profiles, wide outriggers and anti-slip wedge shoes. The durability of these materials ensures the long life of the ladder. With their structures that can withstand heavy daily use, FOLDE ladders offer you a reliable performance for many years.

Portability and Space Saving: The foldable feature of FOLDE ladders saves space during the storage phase after work. When folded into a compact shape, the ladder is ideal for storage or transportation.

Thanks to its lightweight construction, it can be easily transported and moved between different workspaces. This gives you more flexibility and ease of use.



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