Aluminium Ladders

Our priority is your personal safety when working in high-altitude areas for your professional and individual uses in daily life. For this reason, your biggest helper in these works is a quality ladder.

Our ladder are the first choice of professional users who are experts in their business with their practicality, lightness and such a robust structure.

It is possible to find suitable products for use in all work areas up to 10 m. high in our widest range of aluminum stairs on the market.
Single Part, double part, double part extension, triple part extension and multipurpose ladder, platform ladders from our wide range of individual use in many sectors, we provide tailored solutions for professional use.

In addition to our aluminum ladders, we also have electrical insulated ladders, which we call fiberglass ladders, and loft ladders with standard dimensions made of wood and steel.

In parallel with producing suitable products for the needs of our customers, we keep quality at the forefront by producing products in accordance with international ladder standards.

You can access all our certifications for our products from the certificates section.

What is EN131?

The Ladder (EN131) standards published by the European Standards Committee (CEN - European Committee for Standardization) are the standards.
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