Aluminium Ladders

Our priority is your personal safety when working in high-altitude areas for your professional and individual uses in daily life. For this reason, your biggest helper in these works is a quality ladder.

Our ladder are the first choice of professional users who are experts in their business with their practicality, lightness and such a robust structure.

It is possible to find suitable products for use in all work areas up to 10 m. high in our widest range of aluminum ladders on the market.
Single Part, double part, double part extension, triple part extension and multipurpose ladder, platform ladders from our wide range of individual use in many sectors, we provide tailored solutions for professional use.

In addition to our aluminum ladders, we also have electrical insulated ladders, which we call fiberglass ladders, and loft ladders with standard dimensions made of wood and steel.

In parallel with producing suitable products for the needs of our customers, we keep quality at the forefront by producing products in accordance with international ladder standards.

You can access all our certifications for our products from the certificates section.

What is EN131?

The Ladder (EN131) standards published by the European Standards Committee (CEN - European Committee for Standardization) are the standards.

Ladders can be classified in various ways according to their material, size, design and function and can be divided into different categories depending on their area of use.

Ladder models for indoors and outdoors

Ladders offer various options with different features for indoor and outdoor use. Since there may be a risk of abrasion of the wall when using a ladder against the wall indoors, a ladder with a platform is mostly preferred indoors.

On the other hand, in outdoor areas, the feet of the ladder sit on solid surfaces, providing a safer use. The proximity of the point to be reached and the purpose of use are important factors in ladder selection. Type A models can be preferred in situations requiring a large area, while flat models save space. It is also possible to choose according to different preferences. In outdoor use, it is important that the ladders have a flexible structure against breaking and cracking. For this reason, aluminum ladders are frequently preferred options.

While two and three-piece aluminum and sliding ladders are generally used for outdoor facade maintenance, type A models suitable for long-term use can be preferred for garden maintenance and tree pruning. For long-term work, such as pruning small trees, platform ladders may be preferred. Such ladders offer a comfortable working platform to prevent back and foot pain.

Ladder models used in industrial areas

Portable ladders, which are used extensively in the industrial sector, attract attention with their superior features. Elements such as safety, durability, portability and versatility enable them to be used effectively in these professional labor processes. Aluminum ladders are made of high quality aluminum material and combine lightness and durability. Meticulously designed and manufactured, these ladders fully comply with safety standards and keep users' safety at the highest level.

Features such as anti-slip treads, non-slip feet and sturdy handles ensure that workers have a comfortable and safe working environment. Aluminum ladders also offer long-lasting use and are highly resistant to abrasion, impact and external factors. Thanks to their portability, they can be easily moved to different work areas and used in accordance with the needs. Models used in the industrial field include multi-purpose ladders, telescopic ladders, sliding ladders and platform ladders. These options offer excellent solutions to different labor requirements.

Designed for professional use, these ladders meet the highest expectations in industrial areas in terms of quality workmanship, safety and ease of use. Portable ladders add value to industrial activities by providing efficiency and productivity in labor processes.

Aluminum ladder models used in home and office environments

Ladders used in home and office environments stand out with their practicality, portability and safety features. Made of lightweight and robust aluminum material, these ladders are designed and manufactured for home and office use.

Considering that houses usually have limited ceiling heights, the height of the products needed is also limited. For domestic use, an average height of 150 cm can be taken as a basis. In houses with higher ceilings or in office areas with higher ceiling heights than houses, the height of the products that can be used may increase.

In domestic preferences, type A ladders are generally preferred, taking into account the balance factor. Such ladders are generally produced from metal and aluminum materials for heights of 1 meter and above. Models for home use are designed as single or double-sided and the steps are non-slip. Foldable ladder types are preferred for ease of storage. Çağsan household ladders can be hidden even in the smallest niche with their widths of 10, 12 and 17 cm when folded.

Their carrying capacity is usually determined as 150 kg. Models with these features are frequently used in operations such as installing curtains, wiping windows and changing light bulbs. Lower models are needed for tasks such as placing kitchen shelves, summer and winter cleaning of wardrobes. Although it is possible to use other models, it can be tiring to work on intermediate steps. Depending on the need, ladder models with 2 or 3 steps can be used easily and their heights can vary between 40-150 cm.

Offering various model and height options, Çağsan home and office type aluminum ladders can be preferred according to your needs. With their practical, safe and portable structures, they facilitate home and office work and increase efficiency.

What you need to know about ladders

The correct choice of ladders is an important factor in creating an effective and safe working environment. Every job has different requirements and the most suitable ladder for the purpose needs to be determined. When choosing the right ladder, you need to consider whether your working environment is indoors or outdoors and the height requirements of the work you plan to do. It also makes sense to buy a multipurpose ladder if you intend to use it for different purposes. To help you in the decision-making process, we have listed and briefly explained the different types of aluminum ladders below.

1. One-piece ladders: Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, one-piece ladders are lightweight and durable. The one-piece structure also provides extra durability as there are no additional connection points. By offering different step counts and height options, it offers solutions suitable for the needs of your business.

2. Extendable Ladders: Extendable ladders are designed to provide access to different heights. If your job requires you to work at different heights, these ladders give you flexibility. They also provide advantages with their portability and easy storage.

3. Multipurpose Ladders: Multi-purpose ladders are ladders that can be used for multiple functions and have various configurations. It can be quickly adjusted to be used in position A while providing height access in your projects. Some multipurpose ladders can also be converted into platforms and offer a large workspace.

4. Telescopic Ladders: Telescopic ladders are designs that offer versatility and can be adjusted according to the needs of the users. They offer an ideal solution when you need access to different heights. It also provides the opportunity to use even on floors with elevation differences.

5. Folding Platform Ladders: Safety and comfort-oriented platform aluminum ladders are ideal for jobs that require long-term work. It offers an efficient working environment with its wide working platforms and stability features.

6. Fiberglass ladders: Fiberglass ladders are designed to ensure safety and maximize durability in the workplace. Thanks to their electrical insulation feature, they can be used safely in electrical work and sensitive environments.

7. Roof Ladders: Roof ladders are an ideal solution for those who want to provide easy access to attic spaces and save space. When not in use, these ladders take up minimum space in the storage area with their foldable structure.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ladders

1. What should I consider when choosing a ladder?

When choosing a ladder, you should pay attention to the following factors:

* The required height and access area
* When work will be done on the ladder
* Portability of the ladder
* Material quality and durability
* Safety measures and stability
* Ease of use and ergonomic design

2. What are the ladder models for home use?

Ladder models for the home include simple step ladders, folding ladders, platform ladders and telescopic ladders. A suitable model can be preferred according to the requirements and height needs of the work at home.

3. Which ladders should I prefer in the workplace or industrial areas?

Ladders used in the workplace or industrial areas should generally be durable and suitable for heavy workloads. Models such as multi-purpose ladders, sliding ladders, platform ladders and telescopic ladders offer solutions for different requirements.

4. What is the portability of ladders and how to use them?

Portable ladders are lightweight and easily transportable. They are usually designed to be foldable or telescopic. Their portability makes them easy to use in different workspaces and gives the user an advantage when transportation or storage is required.

5. What are the safety precautions and how can ladders be used safely?

The following precautions should be taken for the safe use of ladders:

* Read the instruction manuals completely and always keep them close to the work area
* Placing the ladder on a stable ground
* Using anti-slip steps and non-slip feet
* Not exceeding the load carrying capacity of the ladder
* Locking the ladder correctly and following the instructions for use
* Users use sturdy grab handles to ensure balance
* Wearing safety equipment (e.g. seat belts) where it is required

6. How should I maintain my ladders and what should I consider to prolong their life?

Regular maintenance should be carried out to prolong the life of the ladders. The following steps can be followed for this:

* Keeping the ladders clean and dry
* Regular inspection of the body and steps
* Repair or replacement of wear, cracks or fractures that occur in use
* Correct storage and protection of the ladder

7. How can I maintain balance and stability when using ladders?

You can take the following measures to ensure balance and stability when using ladders:

* Climb the ladder with both hands on the handles
* Make sure the ladder is fully unfolded and position it correctly
* Place your feet on the non-slip feet of the ladder and distribute your weight evenly
* Place the ladder on a solid surface and avoid using it on a sloping surface

8. What is the weight bearing capacity of ladders and what should I pay attention to in order for them to carry a certain load?

All ladders with EN 131 certification have a maximum load-bearing capacity of 150 kg.

EN 131: is a European standard regulating the safety, performance and test methods of ladders. EN131 sets safety standards for ladders intended for professional use and compliance with these standards requires certification by manufacturers

Each ladder has a certain weight carrying capacity. Check the weight limitation on the ladder before use and make sure it is strong enough to carry a certain load. Not exceeding the load-bearing capacity is important for the safe use of the ladder.

9. Which option should I choose between different ladder models in which situation?

Different ladder models can suit different needs. For example, a long ladder may be needed to reach a high ceiling, while a folding ladder may be preferred for working in a narrow space. Depending on your needs and usage scenario, you should choose the most suitable ladder model.

For example; Çağsan Mono single-piece ladder, Duo extension ladder or Quadro multi-purpose ladder - which is the better choice?

There is no single answer to this question because it varies depending on factors such as the function of the ladder you will use, the place of use and storage space. Depending on the number and size of steps, a simple curved ladder can take up more space as it doesn't have the ability to be scaled down like an extension ladder. Therefore, if you need longer steps, an extension ladder may be a more practical option for you. If you plan to use a ladder frequently for different tasks, an aluminum combination ladder, such as a multipurpose ladder, may be a more suitable choice. The combination ladder can be used as a sloping or extending ladder, and with a third extendable ladder section, it can be used without the need to lean on high places. This makes it more advantageous than a simple leaning ladder.

10. Can you give information about the ergonomic design and ease of use of the ladders?

The ergonomic design and ease of use of ladders enable users to use them comfortably and safely. Ergonomically designed ladders have features such as the right height, step spacing and handles so that the user can climb comfortably. Various features such as non-slip steps, folding mechanisms and portability features can also be found for ease of use.

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